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Oil Capacitor Manufacturer

Oil-filled capacitors provided today contain non-PCB oil and are a UL perceived part. Oil-filled capacitors just provided with weights where the capacitors working voltage can’t be fulfilled by Dry firm capacitors.

Whenever required, the capacitor release resistor is associated with the capacitor terminals. Extra precautionary measures must be taken when an oil filled capacitor is introduced.

V.J capacitors Pvt. Ltd. is planning and assembling a huge scope of commendable oil-filled capacitors. We trust in, the specific essential idea of incredible quality, well-picked merchandise, and expert administrations. Searching for a solid oil-filled capacitors, V.J capacitors must be your best decision.


V.J capacitors Pvt. Ltd. is having a gigantic portfolio containing such a large number of arrangements in capacitors. The capacitors we are putting forth, are having expanded voltage limit. We are one of the best quality Oil Capacitor Manufacturer.

With an incredible assembling unit and uncommon client’s request, our maxim has dependably been client please through development and enthusiasm. We are concentrating on the execution and collaboration. We are energetically developing to make the preparing agreeable.

Here is a portion of the remarkable highlights of our development which is recorded beneath:-
  • Striking power limit.
  • Considerable voltage
  • Modest in size.
  • Perpetual life hours.
  • Great working capacity even in higher temperature

  • Oil crammed capacitors area unit used wherever high-peak-voltages, high-current, and long operational life area unit required.This includes high-voltage filtering and energy storage, motor run, motor begin, commutating, high-voltage lighting, HVAC, and arc suppression (snubber) applications. These capacitors area unit found in industrial heating systems, AC motors, DC motors, high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, high-voltage lighting ballasts, and power provides. Whereas atomic number 13 electrolytic capacitors area unit nearly continually polarized (positive terminal and negative terminal), oil crammed capacitors area unit non-polar and may so be employed in all voltage reversal applications. These capacitors embrace a self-healing capability and area unit made up of oil-impregnated metalized polypropene. Some oil crammed capacitors area unit quite distinctive, therein they'll embrace a resistance connected across the terminals. Also, in some cases one package will embrace 2 separate capacitors.

    Advantges of Oil Capacitor Manufacturer
    Impregnation is done with the help of non-toxic friendly liquid at a very high vacuum resulting in following advantages:
  • Impregnant fluid replaces air pockets within the metallic element spray and facilitate in eliminating partial discharges at the top contacts. Oil fertile capacitors have a lot of higher partial discharge voltage as compared to DR kind. JAIVIC fertile Oil stuffed Capacitors area unit hermetically sealed, therefore don't have any region influence compared to DRY kind. Capacitor wound components area unit sheathed in metal containers of adequate thickness. The containers area unit area unit hermetically sealed. To avoid oxidization, metal containers area unit electroplated that additionally result in rust free engaging and sturdy painting.

  • Penetration of liquid impregnant is thorough compared to semi liquid impregnant like ployurethan, versatile Epoxy etc. thanks to its viscous nature. This makes these capacitors additional stable thanks to improved Partial Discharge origination voltage level. We are one of the best quality Oil Capacitor Manufacturer

  • Level of liquid impregnant is maintained sufficiently on top of active components, as compared to semi-fluid impregnants. In liquid impregnants transfer of warmth by physical phenomenon and convection mode is quick. This end in uniform cooling of capacitors. successively reducing temperature rise of active components. this provides an additional edge by increasing lifetime of the capacitors and to require care of rugged service conditions.

  • Oil Capacitor Manufacturer