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High Voltage Capacitor

High Voltage Capacitors are normally utilized under oil for beat molding or topping in expansive heartbeat control frameworks. The capacitors are produced utilizing countless dielectric, thwart cathode windings associated in an arrangement, orchestrated to review the voltage straightly along the pivot of the capacitor. Uncommon consideration is made to the materials utilized and their course of action to stay away from inner flashover. The capacitors are housed in plastic cases with pivotal terminals, and are completely vacuum-dried and impregnated with a protecting fluid.

V.J capacitors Pvt. Ltd. is arranging and gathering a colossal extent of admirable oil-filled capacitors. We trust in, the particular fundamental thought of staggering quality, very much picked stock and master organizations. Looking for a strong oil-filled capacitors, V.J capacitors must be your best choice.


V.J capacitors Pvt. Ltd. is having a massive portfolio containing such an expansive number of courses of action in capacitors. The capacitors we are advancing, are having extended voltage restraint.

With an inconceivable amassing unit and phenomenal customer's demand, our proverb has reliably been customer please through advancement and energy. We are focusing on the execution and coordinated effort. We are enthusiastically creating to make the getting ready pleasant.

Here are a bit of the momentous features of our improvement which is recorded underneath:-
  • Striking power retain.
  • Considerable voltage
  • Modest in estimate
  • Perpetual life hours.
  • Great working limit even in higher temperature.

  • High Voltage Capacitor